New to leadership? Grow your skills, confidence and success with Leading like a Pro: A 4-part Email Course for First-Time Leaders
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Know What to Do: Discover how to lead in 2021 and beyond.
Get Actionable Advice: Grow your expertise with real examples, not theory.
Avoid Leadership Mistakes: Learn how to spot errors new leaders make.

What You’ll Learn From Leading like a Pro Email Course:

Advice and examples specifically chosen for first-time, Millennial leaders

– Two things you should do within 30 days as a leader.
– One word that will make you a better, more capable manager.
– How to manage “up” and “down” and align with senior leadership
– The 3 challenges you’re currently facing—whether you know them or not
– How to manage remote/virtual teams and lead through turmoil
– The mistakes new leaders most make and how to avoid them
– A new technique for identifying your team’s
strengths and weaknesses
– How to deliver constructive feedback—and get used to tough conversations
– The best way to empower your team (and take tasks off your plate)
– How to navigate office and company politics like a pro

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